Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Tell Your Students You're Engaged :)

Hey followers, I am so excited to share some news with you!  I am engaged!

Brian is a wonderful man who encourages, supports, and loves me well.  And on my birthday he proposed before our run!

We have spent the days since getting to tell our news to loved in ones in lots of fun ways.  I was especially excited to tell my students!  I even looked on Pinterest for fun ideas, but wasn't having any luck.  So after I few ideas including having one of my ATP's call me Mrs. Whitling in front of the students, giving out Ring Pops, and bringing Brian in for "Show and Tell," I thought of the idea of having HIM write a letter to tell my students.  (Of course, Brian 'loved' getting his first writing assignment from me!  Ha!).  Letter writing is big not only with Brian and I, but also goes so well with my love of writing that I also try to foster in students.

He did an awesome job and it was SO fun to read to my students and see their reactions.  So here it is for you to read!

Dear Team Character:

You might not know me, but I have heard a lot about all of you.  My name is Brian. I work in finance and grew up in St. Mary’s, Ohio, just like Mrs. Gasson.  I came to Cincinnati and graduated from the University of Cincinnati.  One summer I worked at Kings Island at the Vortex.  Some of my favorite things are running, Chipotle, macaroni & cheese, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. And while there are many things that I love, most especially, I love Ms. Sheets. 
I met Ms. Sheets through Mrs. Kanzeg and fell in love with her.  She has a delightful smile & personality.  She is a fellow marathon runner & has a lot of the same interests as me.  She enjoys a good book, the company of friends, and cooking.  She can be quite the poet and has some sweet dance moves.
And I wanted to tell you that if you see her in the hall next year after her birthday, you will have to call her Mrs. Whitling.  That’s because I proposed to her on her birthday and she said yes!  Thanks for letting me introduce myself and for being a part of this fun time.

Have a wonderful day,
Brian Whitling

**Update:  I just HAD to add one sweet student's email back to me.  Talk about a bucket filler!

HI! I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement.  I am very happy for you. 

You are a great teacher and you always make school fun. I hope you had a great birthday[what a great surprise].  Always remember what a great teacher you are and that you bring a smile to everyone.

Thank you for teaching me. I cant wait for the rest of the year but dont ever want to leave your class.  Keep on running  its so much fun!

Don't forget you have the best dance moves, you are very pretty, you have a bauetifal ring and I have the best teacher.<3


  1. Yay! Sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. This is a super sweet letter! I am 100 percent sure your students will remember this forever! Love it! Congratulations! Xo