Classroom Tour

Check out some snapshots from my fifth grade classroom:


"Cafe" board/ command center

Door "Welcome" Sign

"iRead" board with old headphones
Library close-ups
The middle and top section are sorted by author. (I love these green bins...thank you, Deals!)

These still need pretty labels, but this is the beginning of the books organized by guided reading level. You can also see the pink bins. These are two of the most popular among students. One is "Liked the movie? You'll love the book!" and one is "Miss S recommends" (I rotate books into that bin often).

Some favorite authors!  The boards in back are where students put their "check out card" from within each book to show it has been checked out.

Over my desk.  The clipboard has phone extensions and other important papers.  The frames have a class list and a "to-do" wipe off board.

Class-created "Verb Chair"
"Grammar Brushstrokes" wall 
"I Can" Board...for daily and long-term goals
"Basic Stack Baskets" from the Container Store to keep books sorted, depending on the unit, by genre/topic/etc.

 Pillows made from past team t-shirts
"Reasons for Journaling" inspiration board
"Buzz Worthy" books board for student to student suggestions

"Genre Reading Requirements" challenge board

"Types of Writing" board

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