Monday, July 9, 2012

La Luna

Have you seen Disney/Pixar's new movie "Brave?"  I was the solo girl in my group of friends who wasn't wild about the movie.  Cute, bouncy Disney princess with one or two good songs, but without much of a message.

BUT...I did LOVE the Pixar short that came right before the movie.  "La Luna" is an adorable wordless short film featuring a young boy who is working with his father and grandfather for the first time. 

Here is a 30 second preview.

The whole time I was watching, I was thinking what a great inferencing lesson this would make for my students.  It's such a magical little story full of lots of classroom potential.  Apparently, Pixar releases these gems from time to time in a volume of shorts.  Volume 1 came out in 2004 and is available at Amazon.  For now, I am tiding myself over with a picture book version.  I can't wait to use it.  I'll be sure to share the lesson when my room is full of students.


  1. Hi Amy--It's Holly G. If you ever want to borrow the Pixar short collection on DVD, I own it!! :) And...drum roll please...I LOVE it!!! I use it all the time with my ELLs. We use it for brainstorming vocab, writing activities (shorter ones and as a "jumpstart" for longer ones), practicing past/present/future verb tenses, tons of other grammar stuff, making predictions, and summarizing...among other things. I use them differently depending on what my students need that year. I think these videos lend themselves well to many different ideas--inferencing is a great one! The good part is that they are short and the kids LOVE them! It's so great for all kids too because there are hardly any linguistic and cultural barriers in the videos! If you ever want to borrow it, let me know! Can't wait to watch the new short! :)

  2. I loved Brave when we saw it...don't worry weren't solo that day ;) but I did like La Luna best! Great idea!