Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Persuasion is All Around

We're in the midst of our persuasive writing unit.  I've been trying to convince my students that this is one of the most common types of writing we encounter.  Tonight for homework they're looking for an example of persuasive writing.

What did I come home to in my mailbox??  At least half a dozen examples of letters convincing me to open a new credit card, sign up for health screenings, or buy new sweaters (and my new Anthro member card, a-thankyouverymuch).

Tomorrow we're going to look through the students' examples to help us learn about 'Persuasive Strategies.'  (Check out Read Write Think for the original sheet for students.)
I decided to also find some commercial examples to help solidify student understanding of a few of the concepts.  Here are the winners that I will share tomorrow.  Any you would suggest adding? 
Logos- using logic, numbers, facts and data to support your argument
Sprint, 2009
Pathos- appealing to your audience's emotions
Hallmark, 2013
Volkswagen, 2012
Ethos- making yourself seem trustworthy and believable
Nationwide, 2012
Kairos- building a sense of urgency for your cause
Target, 2011
Big Names- experts and important people that support your side of the argument
Mike Huckabee for President: Chuck Norris Approved, 2008
Research- using studies and information to make your argument seem more convincing
Clinique, 2012

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