Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do

**The give-away is now closed.  Congrats to Mikala!!**

I am so excited for an awesome give-away from MonkeySeeBoutique.  The lovely Michelle has the cutest Etsy store of personalized goods, ranging from clutches to homegoods to office supplies.  I first found her shop through my friend Janelle’s blog, Simply Love.  Janelle ran a give-away of these super cute clutches that she gave as wedding gifts to her bridesmaids.


 Even though I didn't win, I couldn't help but buy one.  And then I couldn’t help but end up with a cart full of gifts for others and myself—including this notepad holder and sweet lunch bag.  It’s those little things that make the school day better sometimes, right?

Personalized Acrylic Notepad Holder
Michelle has this pic as the sample on her website... holla!!

Right now you can win your very own monogrammed basket-weave lunch tote from MonkeySee Boutique!!!  You can choose the color options above (I think mine is pretty cute!), or personalize it with tons of different fonts and colors of your own! 

To win, leave a comment below telling me about one of the supplies/ goodies that makes your school (or work) day better.

The giveaway will run through October 2 at 11:59 PM. You must have a US address to enter/win.

Be sure to check out MonkeySee Boutique either way. But consider yourself warned of its extreme cuteness!


Personalized 5 Quart Halloween Bucket - More Designs Available

monogrammed ROUND CAKE STAND with decorative ribbon

Halloween Tumblers
personalized monogrammed SILVER water bottle - perfect for team gifts

Personalized Jumbo 40 ounce Hand Sanitizer


  1. Many things make my school day better but I couldn't live without my planner! It's my life line to everything school related! It contains all my need to know info like what I'm teaching that day along with meetings, etc. I'm old school even though I do have a digital calendar synced with my phone! My color changing tape dispenser also makes me smile when I use it ;) ....

    Love the give away!!!
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  2. Where would a financial analyst be without his calculator?! Even though programs like Microsoft Excel make financial forecasting easier, I always carry around my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition from AP Calculus in high school. Back then it was useful for the occasional game stored in the puzzpack app, but now it comes in handy when I'm in a bind and need a quick calculation...

    Hooray for give-aways!

  3. YAY!!! LOVE this and I really, really would LOVE that lunch bag- so cute- esp. the colors that you picked. Thank you so much for including me in this post- how much do you love Michelle and MonkeySee?? - love. My favorite part of my school routine is probably my Lilly Pulitizer planner- it makes me happy. The pockets, the stickers, the cute images ... it makes a dreary/hectic day so much better!! Hope you are well and thank you for the chance to win <3

  4. Two separate things that make my day better - I have a dear stapler remover that I received from my cooperating teacher 12 years ago. It seems silly, but the sentimental value reminds me of my love for teaching even from the start. I also can't go without my 12 pack (not what you are thinking) of sharpie markers! :) love your sweet blog!

  5. What makes my work day better? A great sound track or book-on-tape for the drive in between clients. I can pump myself up for a big meeting, calm down after a difficult class, or just relax to some me-time in the middle of a crazy day. I also think a cool spunky lunch box would cheer me in the midst of chaos ;)

  6. I'd have to say that my Vera Bradley binder and paper clips make my days a little brighter. With so many papers to grade and piles to keep organized, who wouldn't want Vera holding it all together?

  7. Small, spiral notebooks and POST IT notes! Each notebook is labeled with a different subject (or project) and fronts 4 POST ITs that make up 2 lists: Tasks & Follow-UP. Perfect for the compulsively organized :)

  8. Shamefully, I would be lost without my coffee cup. Cliche I know, but true! With it comes warmth, peace, and my cognitive abilities. ;) I may have a problem...

  9. Paper Clips! I spend way too much time deciding which stack of papers is worthy of the bright blue ones and which has to settle for the dull green or even worse a plain silver one. Maybe this explains why my desk is covered with piles of papers! Perhaps sorting bins should be my favorite desk or work day supply!