Wednesday, January 22, 2014

International Glasses Day

Last week I told my students it was International Glasses Day!! 

Was it?  No. 

Did it get two students who NEVER wear their glasses and SHOULD to wear them?  Yes. 

Mission accomplished.  Now if we can just keep this going...

Yes, I'm wearimg mine too!  Those that don't actually have glasses borrowed my "revision glasses" made from used 3D movie specs :)

The things we do for our students!


  1. Thanks for letting me borrow some "revision" glasses! I also told one of our little friends that I may bring her a macaroon on Friday if she wears them this entire week! She really wants to try them! (That's all she's been talking about lately!) I told her she should ask you about macaroons, since you are going to become an expert on them this year :)

    1. ....and I totally meant macarons!!!! Unless we want to try to perfect a macaroon recipe too! That could be yummy as well!! Ha!