Tuesday, December 31, 2013


New Year's Resolutions are a funny business...  I actually love them.  The idea that next year I will be better- at eating right, saving money, being more present.  But they're so tricky to stick to, and often just cause us to feel guilty.

Last year I wrote about a resolution to use the library more.  It wasn't too hard to do, considering I had been avoiding the library for a while due to a large fine I had accumulated.  Whoopsie.  Anyway, I liked this resolution because it was fun and productive and also attainable!

So this year I have resolved to perfect making macarons!  It does seem like somewhat of a culinary challenge as I have heard far more stories of macaron failures than successes.  Anyone have any tips?  I'm mostly excited for this resolution because it will be a fun one to share! 

Any great resolution ideas your considering?

While you ponder it, here is a wish for you, reader, for 2014 from author Neil Gaiman!  May it be a blessed one.

Raise the glass to 2014!

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