Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exploding the Moment

I am excited to introduce Chelsea, my (semi-forced) guest blogger today.  Chelsea is one of my sweet colleagues with awesome style, precise organization, and great ideas.  And when she shares those ideas with me, sometimes I tell her, "You need to let me share this on my blog."  And she says yes!

But before I share that great idea with you, let me tell you just a little bit more about how awesome she is... Chelsea is not only a sorority sister, but a soul sister and fellow goof ball.  She is tons of fun to be around and would truly doing anything she could to help a friend out.  In short, she rocks my socks.  (Which, by the way, you should ask her about her husband's thing for colorful socks... He wore coral and blue ones to their super-fun wedding last summer! I digress...).

I made a screen-casted revision mini lesson on how to "explode" the important moments in a writing piece.  (I took an OWP class this past weekend that talked about revision and some different strategies... this was one of those ideas.)  I used Kizzy Ann Stamps (by Jerri Watts) as the mentor text.  This lesson could be posted for early finishers, too as a nice way to extend them.  

Also, it's a super easy site to use!


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