Sunday, September 16, 2012


We are so blessed to be gearing up for a visit from the wonderful author of the book Rules, Cynthia Lord.  Have you read it?  I highly recommend this story of a girl named Catherine and her struggles with accepting and embracing her brother with autism. 

We just started reading it at school and are PUMPED to watch class community develop around the book's theme of acceptance and just as PUMPED to meet Cynthia Lord a month from today!

Our soon-to-be-BFF, Cindy
Co-worker shared this awesome article from "Cindy" (as we can officially call her after email exchanges).  It tells a little more about her writing and the influence raising her own daughter with autism provided.

Read more from Cindy's website here.  Can't wait to share more of the prep work that happens over the next month. 

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