Sunday, September 9, 2012

Story People

My sister is a huge fan of Brian Andreas, the insightful poet/artist and creator of Story People. His work can be seen in many galleries and gift shops and also on his site here.

It's lovely and powerful and full of simple yet profound truths.  Today I've been thinking about Andreas' story "Listening for the Future."  It is speaking to me right now partly because sister is moving today and I always think of her in relation to Story People.  Mostly I'm thinking of it in relation to some of my students with autism this year.

{"Listening for the Future," Brian Andreas}
The world can be so full of noise.  My students with autism remind me to slow down and pay attention to all the details of life that often get overlooked.  The way a room smells, the way a crowd sounds, even the details of someone's outfit can be overwhelming and yet make life so interesting. 
Hmm...profound or cheesy?
I'll leave you with some other lovely Story People quotes that make me think of teaching for your viewing pleasure.  I hope your day gives you a moment or two to let the details of life surprise you.
{"Growing Fast," Brian Andreas} 
Open large picture
{"Laughter and Children," Brian Andreas}
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{"Real Reason," Brian Andreas} 

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