Monday, July 29, 2013

You are Wise

This past weekend I celebrated a friend's upcoming wedding at her bachelorette party in Louisville.  Before dinner, we went to a painting studio called Pinot's Palette.  It was a lovely way to get to know her friends.
The painting that evening was a cutie little owl.
Hooty Owl
Or this guy
Midnight Owl
The atmosphere was so fun and the teachers were very informative and entertaining.
Painting in action
The whole class
As I was working, I was wondering where I would actually hang my owl at my house.  One friend, in a stroke of genius, suggested adding a quote for my classroom.  Love it!
I put a twist on the famous quote from The Help, and painted onto it, "You are kind.  You are wise.  You are important." 
Can't wait to hang it in my classroom!
Check out all of our masterpieces.
Photo: Masterpieces

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