Monday, August 12, 2013

Rest pt 2

Earlier this summer I wrote a post about the importance of rest and my goal to get better at it.  I consider this post evidence of my mission accomplished!  It's been lovely... Reds games, an opera concert, a picnic in the park, a family trip to Massachusetts, a fun wedding, and many sweet moments with friends.
baseball game with Dad

my FAVORITE running trail in MA
a little mojito on a rope swing

And truth be told, it wasn't easy.  There is so much to do with the common core roll out and classes and credits and workshops and meetings, but somehow, I think I did achieve a balance.  Thanks to the friends who held me to this! 
Most recently I enjoyed a lovely trip with two girl friends to Sawyer, MI, along Lake Michigan.  It was gorgeous and soul soothing.  And though working in my classroom today is a serious wake up call to reality, it was SO worth it. 

I hope you all were able to achieve some summer goals, especially if they involved rest.

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