Monday, June 10, 2013


One of my non-teacher goals for this summer is to learn more about resting well (because I stink at it and its SO important!)

Rest should be so easy, right?  But tons of us struggle to do it at all, let alone well. And I've learned that rest doesn't mean sitting on the couch doing nothing or watching TV. It also doesn't mean sleeping all day (though those things can totally have their place).  

But real rest should leave us recharged and ready to go back into the world again.  A talk I heard on it recently broke rest into five areas: delight (what can you do just for the joy of it?), worship (spending time connected to your spiritual source/ God the father), play, reflection (thinking about your work/rest/life), and actual physical rest/sleep.  The speaker's metaphor was to imagine the feeling you had on a snow day.  THAT feeling of joy should be our heart towards rest!

A coworker's lovely lake house/hammock that I got to visit last about restful!

I hope to be putting these ideas into practice this summer along with some work (new online class, what, what?!) in a way that makes me energized & excited for the 2013-2014 school year.

Any plans for you own RESTFUL summer?

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