Thursday, December 6, 2012

"The Magic of Belle Isle"

Upon a recommendation from my dad, I watched the movie "The Magic of Belle Isle" recently.  I don't even remember hearing about this movie coming out, but I'm glad Dad shared it with me.

The movie stars Morgan Freeman as a former western-novel writer who is past his prime.  He moves to a remote town and befriends a woman and her three daughters.  One of the girls takes interest in him and asks that he mentor her in "Imagination Classes."  

There were some insightful quotes on writing and the creative process in general.  Some of my favorites:

If you can't tell me what you see, tell me what you don't see.

(In reference to his distaste for fantasy/ sci fi books)  You don't have to leave this planet to tell a good story.

I always felt like a book is a friend that does what no friend can do, stay quiet when you wanna think.

Frankly, the plot itself was nothing too original, but the characters were endearing and memorable.  Plus, I could listen to Morgan Freeman read from the dictionary.  I think I'll post a quote or two on the writer's inspiration board in my classroom.

*Note--not an appropriate movie for students in my opinion.  Freeman struggles with alcoholism at the beginning of the film.

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