Thursday, April 25, 2013

Girls are Running

I went to a Girls on the Run training event this week. Sweet student and I are going I rock her first 5k in a few weeks!

It was so inspiring to see these awesome girls training so hard do their race...and encouraging each other so well along the way!

There were so many great touches...awesome mentors, moms and dads running with their daughters, healthy snacks at the finish, and more. The girls also got a styling bracelet for each lap around the track to help keep count.  I mean, is there a better for motivator than jewelry?!

But my favorite touch was the way the coaches had written encouraging chalk messages on the track, including personalized shout-outs to each girl. 

The sweeties even called some of them out to each other as they ran by! Nothing like hearing, "We are beautiful!" when you're sweating it out!

I'm still pondering how to steal this idea somehow for my classroom, maybe during testing... I'll keep you posted.


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