Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Class Energizer

This week I'm taking a class on the history of American wars. It's been a lot of interesting content, but a little lacking in the classroom applications.

Today our presenter shared an idea totally unrelated to history, but brilliant as a management idea. He shared that when he assigns the typical class jobs we're used to (attendance, lunch bins, etc.), he also gives the job "Class Energizer." This person is in charge of coming up with a quick activity when energy is low (like it happened to be today in our afternoon lecture session). It could be jumping jacks, a song, cheer, or whatever else this energetic kiddo can come up with. Our presenter said he had a student in the past he referred to as Jillian Michaels that loved giving out physical challenges.

I know some of my former students who would have ROCKED this job. I'm looking forward to adding it for this coming year.

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