Monday, July 9, 2012


I had the happy blessing of growing up at the Toledo Art Museum.  Both my mom and grandfather taught there during my early years.  As a result, I spent countless hours with my sister wandering the galleries of Rembrandt, Cassatt, and the Egyptian mummies, trying not to get into too much trouble.   While I swerved a bit on the path to being an art teacher, I still try to honor this early education and add a little art and whimsy and joy to my teaching.

This blog will be my musings, my trials and errors, and hopefully some triumphs in my teaching life. "The Art of Teaching" reminds me that we never really have all the answers...that teaching is a journey and an art.

I've been pondering starting a blog for a few years now.  I've sometimes thought of it as narcissistic to assume that I have any thoughts that others want to read.  But any time I read someone else's blog, I never have that thought.  I love dropping in occasionally to catch up with a friend or hear what they've been cooking or where their travels have taken them.  So it seemed like time to share my thoughts. 

Welcome to my journey.  I'm glad you're here.

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