Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Phelps Does not Medal..."

Were you as shocked as many around the country to see this look on Phelps' face after his first Olympic event?

I was too after hearing he did not medal, but it struck me as the perfect metaphor for students.   When I heard Michael's post race interview, he basically sited his lack of preparation for this longer event.  Phelps had counted a little too much on his natural ability and drive and hadn't put the hours into getting ready for this event that he had in the past.

I have had students in the past who have had the attitude they they didn't need to practice a skill because they already are a good reader, writer, etc.  They don't see why I am asking them to continue to practice and grow when they feel their abilities are "good enough."

Below is ESPN analyst George Smith's report that I plan to share with my students when these attitudes surface.  My favorite quote from the video is from Phelps' coach Bob Bowman, "He didn't get by on talent in that one."  What a powerful lesson!


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