Sunday, August 5, 2012

War of 1812

Today is the first day of my last class of the summer (yee ha!).  This one, on the War of 1812, is a little off the wall for my teaching content, but it's a chance to stay with mom and dad for the week while getting credits.

Last night I was stressing over my assigned reading (well over a thousand pages) and my general lack of 1812 knowledge.  Hopefully this week changes that.  In the meantime here's a great parody to recap.

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  1. I liked it! We went to Sackett's Harbor, NY for vacation and there is a lot of history about the War of 1812 there! They have preserved many of the original buildings where troops and generals lived. Unfortunately, we were there a couple weeks too early to go on the tour. The big 200th anniversary celebration was this weekend. While we were walking around, my brother-in-law told us what he knew about the invasion of the harbor BUT I retained none of it!! That's why this video really made me laugh!! Good luck in your class. Hopefully you'll remember more than I did. : )