Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guest Blogger Bette: OWP Take-Aways

I have hit the guest blogger jackpot! Chelsea was talking up my blog and another awesome Ohio Writing Project colleague asked to share her summer take-aways....uh, heck yeah! So without further ado, I will let Bette introduce herself! Thanks again, Bette (and Chelsea!)

Hi, my name is Bette Williams. I am a kindergarten teacher at Bogan Elementary. I have taught kindergarten for 15 years. I really enjoy writing activities in my classroom and try to combine the activity with a craft for a culminating activity as often as possible. I am currently in the Ohio Writer's Project 4 week summer session where I have met some amazing teachers and have been getting great ideas to  include in my writer's workshop this school year. Here are my thoughts for a kindergarten character study.

What you need: 
-Several different versions of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears such as: Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks by Nancy Loewen.
-A character web of Goldilocks using the traditional story.
-Several colors of construction paper, tissue paper, googly eyes , markers and glue.

1. Read the traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Fill out the character web together as a class, brainstorming ideas as students copy responses onto individual papers (you can do this as a class, depending upon the time of year and student ability).

2. Read Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks by Nancy Loewen.This story is a modern version of Goldilocks. She takes a dare from Red Riding Hood to visit the bears home while they are away. The kids will love how Goldilocks uses  her cell phone to take pictures as proof of her adventure. Discuss the difference in this view point. How is Goldilocks the same/different? 

3. Again brainstorm ideas for a character web of Goldilocks. How is this character web different? How is it the same?

4. Create a Goldilocks using the supplies listed above. Goldilocks should match the character web created. Is she a traditional Goldilocks or does she look more modern? Let the kids really experiment with this project. I have the basic shapes available, arms, legs, head and a trapezoid for the body. Students can change the body shape , and skin color, and add googly eyes.

Other books your students may enjoy:

Beware the Bears by Alan MacDonald

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

Yours Truly, Goldilocks by Alma Flor Ada (this text works for letter writing and is a great book to pair with upper class buddies. For example my class works with a third grade classroom.)

Common Core: I can statements
K.RL.1    I can ask and answer questions about what was read.
K.RL.2    I can retell a story.
K.RL.3    I can name the characters , setting , and events in a story.
K.RL.9    I can compare characters and events from different stories.
K.RI.9     I can compare two stories

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