Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Q is for Duck

We're talking about vocabulary instruction today and, boy, do I have a fun book to share!  It's an oldy but a goody! 

Q is for Duck!

This simple alphabet book has a format that is adaptable to any grade or subject area.  Each page has a "riddle" to it to guess why that letter stands for that particular object.  For instance, G is for horse.  Why?  Because a horse gallops!


Can you guess why H is for owl?  Because an owl hoots!

And it's great for higher or lower students along with showing their understanding of word relationships.  (Could be good for instruction on word analogies, too!)

Here are some the teachers in my workshop course came up with for content they teach:
L is for rock, because rock is the lithosphere.
M is for water, because water moves.
D is for the Civil Rights Movement, because African Americans faced discrimination.
V is for algebraic expression, because the variable is what you're solving for.
S is for terrace farming because it looks like steps.

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  1. Thanks, Amy! I had forgotten about this book. I'm going to read it to my ELL tutor students. It's perfect for them!