Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Field Trip

I'm catching up on writing about some events that happened just before the end of the school year, one of which was our awesome field trip.  ATPs and I wanted to try something new, so we developed a trip to Ault Park and the Cincinnati Observatory.  We  loved it.  And so did the kids and parents. 
I'll just share a few highlights that may be of interest to teachers or those looking for local "stay-cation" options.
We split our team of one hundred into two groups for ease of management and for space issues at the observatory. 
My group started at Ault Park.  We had three guides who led several activities: a log study, an animal traits game, and a nature hike.  The hike was the hands down favorite, even though it was a bit steep.  It was interesting to hear the guides talk about the wildlife right in our own back yard. 


Thanks to ATP for the photos!

For those who are interested in planning a similar school trip, call the Cincinnati Parks.  They were AWESOME to work with and very adaptable to our needs.  Tell 'em I sent you...just kidding.

Stop number two was the Cincinnati Observatory.  Did you know Cincinnati is home to the world's oldest telescope still in use nightly by the general public??  Check out this beauty!

The guides were extremely engaging and informative.  Check out their site for more information about astronomy nights on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Creating a human sun dial!

A lego version of the observatory :)

Overall, we loved our field trip and feel so lucky to have two such wonderful attractions right here in Cincinnati.

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