Friday, June 14, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Before my mentor officially retired, she sent out an email to our Language Arts Department that was so lovely that I begged her to share it with you. It's probably a little more powerful if you know this wonderful woman, but I think her truths right out to anyone.

I leave you with my life’s little legacies, both in school and in your personal life:

•Give the gift of writing. You’ll never see that gift in a garage sale.

•Say hi to students you don’t know in the hallways and on bus duty.

•Write little love-you’s to your honey bun on post-its. Post it on a mirror or in their pants pocket.  It’ll brighten their day.

•Sometimes skip to “specials” for a minute. Kids love that.

•Give kids choices. Old people too.

•Remember your roots.

•Going to music or gym, snake around the cafeteria tables in and out if the tables are down.   They’ll think you’ve gone crazy.

•Talk to strangers. You might learn something.

•Save your sick days.

•Listen real good.

•Pick up pennies.

•Read the signs.

•Walk through mud puddles.

•Save on water.

•Don’t veer too left of center.

•Dance in the kitchen.

•Don’t talk bad about people. It only makes you look bad.

•Enjoy the moments that make you smile (my favorite rubber stamp).

•Feed your passion

•Crank up the music.

•Percolate before you respond sometimes.

•Fairy tales do come true.

•Don’t let the screen door slap you in the ass.

I love you more.

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