Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 1- Poetry Masterpieces

Welcome to the beginning of a multi-part tour of my classroom.  I am excited to share the place where I spend wayyyy too much time.  But keeping that in mind, I have tried to make it a place that I love and where students feel comfortable, welcome, inspired, and included.
I love personal touches that remind me of students past.  One way I've been able to do this is keeping student art work.  For the last several years my students have worked on a "Poetry Masterpiece" during our poetry unit.  And for the last several years I've begged the creators of several of my favorites to leave their lovely work behind. 



Thanks to our awesome custodian for helping me to hang these floating wall shelves.  They're right above my desk and provide a great area to display special objects without cluttering my work space.

Having these around the room makes it cheery. It give students a preview of the work we will do together and inspires their own writing masterpieces. Plus it beats teacher-store packaged posters any day!

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