Monday, January 7, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 7- Reading Rocks

Just by walking into my room all who enter know I teach reading...and love doing so!  There are lots of visuals and incentives to encourage an authentic community of readers.

I created this bulletin board using a projector to trace an iTunes logo.  I even stapled on old headphones for a 3D effect.  The students helped finish it up by creating book recommendations.

I also have a board for less lengthy recommendations above my library.

And here's a snaphot of my library with my checkout system.  I used old wood boards and recovered them with fabric and ribbon.  I used a staple gun and labels to make a "pocket" for each student.  Them my librarian or I can tell who has books checked out.  It's worked pretty well and reduced the number of lost books.

One last part of the tour...I've been using these incentive posters to keep track of our "Genre Reading Requirements."  If you've read with Donalyn Miller's amazing The Book Whisperer you're familiar with her 40-book challenge to increase reading stamina and volume.  (If you're not familiar, read it now.  Seriously.)  We have a similar challenge with 25 books of various genres.

I'm even on the poster (and being beat by most of my students!).  But I like encouraging them by talking about my own reading life and struggles with keeping my volume of reading up.

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