Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 8- Poetry Hall of Fame

Each month I organize a poetry competition for students.  It's completely voluntary, but a great way to extend my readers and writers.
For poetry slams, students write an original work of poetry, memorize, and perform it for the team and judges (the teachers).  For readings, students do the same with published poetry.  It's great to see a new side of students- from those that are astounding talents, to students who awe us just by the courage they show in stepping out of their comfort zone.
Of course, there are handsome prizes for all who enter (certificates and candy!).  The winner recieves a trophy and fame and glory.  For a lucky few, they get to enter the "Hall of Fame."  This special honor belongs to students who win three competitions during the year.  These students then have to retire from competition and become one of the judges. 

So far only four have achieved this honor!  We may have another winner this year!  Ms. G has already won twice and gunning for another win!

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