Saturday, January 5, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 5-I Can

Experts from Rick Stiggins and Larry Ainsworth to Bob Marzano have proven time and again that engaging students in their own learning by posting objectives in class is a practice worth pursuing. And while it's always sounded like a no-brainer to me, putting it into practice wasn't.  I had a hard time with consistency and with phrasing state standards in kid-friendly language. 
So when I saw ATP #2 try this idea out in her room, I knew it would help me stay accountable in posting "I Can" statements regularly.  I bought dry-erase boards and used 3M tabs to stick them up on my board.  (So far they're holding just fine.  ATP used nails to frame them above and below...pick your poison.)
Having these boards right next to my agenda for the day helps me remember to change both at once.  And making them smaller in scope helps me to actually refer to them before, during, and after the lesson (which is the whole point anyway, right?!).
One of my colleagues created the statements posted on the bottom portion of the board.  These are bigger goals that last throughout a unit or at least several lessons.  She rocks for many, many reasons, but creating these for us is just one more reason!  For tips on creating your own, check out this article.  And good luck!  I hope it impacts your classroom and students the way it has mine.

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