Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 9- Writing Quotes

Once upon a time I got my masters in writing instruction.  My research focused on journaling and growing passion and ownership for writing through choice.  And while I've been happy to see many students do just this, others look at me with a questioning look when I ask, "Why write?"  Some even answer with, "Because you make me."

And no teacher wants to hear that!  We want our students to love what we teach and see the utmost value in practicing a given skill.  So I decided to offer the words of great writers to fill them with reasons to write.

I created this board to share many wonderful reasons to journal.  I switch out the quote weekly.  When I first developed the board I searched for quotes online, but since have enjoyed finding them organically.  (I even wrote one down while watching "E True Hollywood Story: Taylor Swift" once!  She got her start through a teacher who shared poetry with a passion!). 

I've even had students share their own reasons and write those with the dry erase marker (sorry for the picture quality--it's showing a former dry erase quote).

It's a great way to encourage students and helps fight off the "because you make me" answers!

How about you readers, why do you write?  Leave me a comment and maybe you'll make the inspiration board! (I'm sure students would love it as much as T. Swift!)

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