Friday, January 4, 2013

Classroom Tour pt 4- Organization for All

Organization is huge for me.  My ATPs tease me for the way I religiously clear my desk at the end of the day.  One of my favorite tools to keep this up is this drawer unit.  I bought it about a year ago for 50% off from Jo Ann Fabrics.  I added the stickers for each day of the week and for subject areas at the bottom.
Each drawer contains the handouts, picture books, and other resources for the day.  It's great for planning ahead and keeping my desk clear.

My students need their own ways to stay organized, too.  On each desk I have the typical bin of glue, scissors, markers, etc.  I also have a bin for each student's Social Studies folder and Reader's Notebook. 

The folders are specific to each unit.  Right now we're in our history unit, which I guess equaled orange?!  I am way more thematic with other units: blue for geography, green for economics, red for government.  I hole-punch all the handouts/ maps/ graphic organizers and students clip them into their folder.  And then they go home when the students are preparing for our unit test to study.

The Reader's Notebooks are made from larger composition notebooks.  I took them to Lowe's and they cut them in half for free!  I love a good deal.  It helped me stretch those 2/ $1 notebooks even further.  Plus I think the size is kind of perfect for our purposes anyway.

It's great having all these supplies handy to reduce trips to the lockers or lost and found.

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